Sunset Maintenance

by Sunset Maintenance

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released January 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Sunset Maintenance Springfield, Missouri

Danny Hoggatt Stephen Pierce Andrew Dietz
since 2013

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Track Name: Floorboards
And the chimes are all around you / and your whims are all on call
Always wearing the colors of chemistry in the fall

And those eyes he sees sometimes / the earth as seen from space
Dreading and protecting / covering her face

And my floorboards are all yours / my drum and my bread
The wood to build a bed with and a pine box when we're dead

And it seems that you float to where the radio goes
And the wind is always at your back
Track Name: Willy
You can tell that he's an orphan by the way he never rests
By the piles of broken bottles and the roses on his chest

Young Willy went walking down Main Street gravel road
Never was a dull one but he did as he was told
Friday night and gambling at back door country store
Drinking well past midnight but Willy wanted more

Glanced across the table saw Becky walking in
Noted what she wore that night and then he noticed Glenn
Glenn was told to be one who murdered robbed and lied
Becky said that on drunk nights was apt to fuck or fight

Before Willy had a chance Glenn was up and out the door
Pulling Becky by the hair and jumping in his Ford

Willy just got drunk that night after no one did a thing
Glenn and Becky against her will screeched off in the rain

The news came down the next day when Becky never called
Willy hitched a ride to town paid a visit to Becky's pa
Seems the story is that Glenn drove them off a bridge
Robbing Becky of her life and young Willy of his
Track Name: Penchant
She's always hungry for sunrise
Leaving my side with water to drink
She knows how I think and
How to deal with it
She teeters with me when I'm on the brink

We're driving away into the Southwest
That's where she thinks she thinks the best
There's something about the trail of tears
When the leaves change
And home is but a sinking in her chest

Now she's thirsty for bedtime
Shining eyes like hers but shaped like his
Bleeding for something you'll know no bound
Work is a measure of energy

She'll stay with me even if my feet stink
Track Name: Probably You
Sitting on the front porch / talking about the dew
Drinking in the morning / eyes all over you

What am I gonna do when I get home
Probably you

Picking at the midnight / walking with the moon
Singing as the starlight / tries to outshine you

What'll I dream about when I get home
Probably you
Track Name: Window Haze
Two cut down trees at work today
The lumber born to be this way
The furniture / the row and sway
They call to me
Through the window, hey

I stand and blink / I sneeze and bray
Two burning cars / fire in the hay
Our independence / a chain's decay
My father calls me
From the window, hey

She called me and I said okay
She came up to me / said don't be afraid
She took a hold of me / I don't want to stay
She looked down at me
From the window, hey
Track Name: My Music
I don't want to sing no song about the gate across the water
I don't want to tell you what I've heard
I don't listen to the promises that the so-and-so's keep making
On stage on screen and billboard along the road

I just want to sit around and play my music
I don't want to do no harm to you or me

I don't mind you knowing that I still sing to my mama
Every time I think she needs a smile
It don't cost me anything just to tell her that I love her
Old songs bring us closer anyhow

My daddy he never said it but I know just what he was thinking
Every time I'd sit there and watch him play
He'd holler 'watch my fingers, son' and then he'd play it louder
God bless him he'll be proud of me some day

We may never make it if that's what the people call it
But that don't help or hurt the songs we play
I can see you smiling and I'm smiling right back at you
I couldn't sing it any other way

I just want to sit around and play my music
I don't want to do no harm to you or me
Track Name: Toy Camera
When the storms come calling and they seem to call my name
And the shit starts falling and the clouds like tempers rain
I'll sense you / just out of frame
When I see you / it won't be the same

When you look up stars fall down, they say growing old is pain
I suppose that's half right, but most pain is temporary
And I sense you / just out of frame
When I see you / it won't be the same

It's a cold, lonely road / but look at the bright side, you're not in it alone
It's a long row to hoe / just rattle them bones, keep skipping them stones

And when your mother is all you've got / and the world's gone crazy
And when the switches seem to flip themselves / and it all blends
into grey
There will be you / just out of frame
When I see you / it won't be the same