You can tell that he's an orphan by the way he never rests
By the piles of broken bottles and the roses on his chest

Young Willy went walking down Main Street gravel road
Never was a dull one but he did as he was told
Friday night and gambling at back door country store
Drinking well past midnight but Willy wanted more

Glanced across the table saw Becky walking in
Noted what she wore that night and then he noticed Glenn
Glenn was told to be one who murdered robbed and lied
Becky said that on drunk nights was apt to fuck or fight

Before Willy had a chance Glenn was up and out the door
Pulling Becky by the hair and jumping in his Ford

Willy just got drunk that night after no one did a thing
Glenn and Becky against her will screeched off in the rain

The news came down the next day when Becky never called
Willy hitched a ride to town paid a visit to Becky's pa
Seems the story is that Glenn drove them off a bridge
Robbing Becky of her life and young Willy of his


from Sunset Maintenance, track released January 8, 2015
bass- Andrew Dietz
guitars, vocals, keys- Danny Hoggatt
drums- Stephen Pierce
recorded by Dan Chilton
Cowboy by Amy Hernandez



all rights reserved


Sunset Maintenance Springfield, Missouri

Danny Hoggatt Stephen Pierce Andrew Dietz
since 2013

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